Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Announcing New Parts!

Proudly Announce

        GVS Double-Adjustable Ultra-Light Coil-Over Shocks for Street, Autocross, Open Track and Road Race

After years of research, development and testing, Griggs Racing in partnership with VariShock introduces a Double-Adjustable Ultra-Light Coil-Over Shock Absorber, the GVS has features normally found only in much more expensive products. When tuned properly, GVS provides increases forward traction and lateral acceleration (think G's in the corner) while also allowing for a plush boulevard ride at the turn of a knob. Bruce Griggs and Chris Alston of Chris Alston’s Chassis Works spent a large part of 2011 designing, prototyping, and testing these state of the art shock absorbers to ensure, superior quality, long life, and ease of use for anyone, daily driver or motorsport professional, that desires to fine tune the ride quality or performance characteristics of their chassis quickly and simply.
They even look good if we do say so ourselves.

Fully CNCd from Billet Materials, and employing up to date hydraulics, internal sealing the Shocks have proven thermally stable in a wide range of ambient conditions. And with body mounted remote valving, removal or disassembly is not required to tune these units in both compression and rebound. Adjustments are simple and require no tools. A tuning guide is provided which provides a baseline of adjustment for your application.  

Struts are in the works and hopefully will be tested and released later this year. Best of all, every one of these shocks are proudly made right here in the United States of America. This ensures timely delivery of a quality product made by a quality work force, all for our quality customers

    Made in USA. 

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    Click here for Griggs Shock tuning instructions

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    and dont forget to ask about our SLA Kits and Lightweight Drop Spindles

    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    Video time!

    Here at Griggs Racing we understand your need for speed and heroic handling to achieve victory in the realm of competition motorsports.We understand it because we enjoy that feeling as well, so much so that we ourselves regularly give rides in our own cars to share the joy we have. We guess you could say we like to give back to our brothers and sisters in speed. So to give a taste of how our fully engineered and tested parts preform in the real world we submit this video for your viewing pleasure. (we suggest that this run be watched in full screen with good head phones or speakers)
    This vehicle is a convertible which is owned by John Griggs and has a full GR40 kit including SLA, torque arm and watts linkage not to mention a little more oomph from the motor. the road is a CLOSED COURSE WITH SAFETY CREW AND A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER at the Virgina city hill climb a couple of years ago for the Ferrari club. John won... in his convertible mustang... with all due respect Mr. Enzo.  

    Disclaimer! Do not attempt on public roads, without safety equipment, and a properly set up car.

    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    TorqueArm Tech

    Quick Facts about Torque Arm Kits

    • Increases rear traction (forward bite)
    • Decreases stopping distance significantly
    • Engineered to maximize ground clearance
    • Can be used without other rear suspension modifications
    • Presets pinion angle
    • Longer U-joint life
    • The most driver friendly way to hook up power.
    When used with a Panhard Bar or Watts Link the TorqueArm will substantially improve overall controllability of the vehicle regardless of power output because it:
    • Allows for the removal of the rear upper control arms and quad-shocks on cars so equipped.
    • Decreases snap-oversteer
    • Corrects rear roll center location
    • Decreases rear bind
    • Inspires driver confidence

    The TorqueArm when coupled with a Panhard bar or Watts link is the best in terms consistency of control and improved braking due to is constant and consistent tire loading regardless of ride height changes as the car encounters surface irregularities, cresting hills, etc. Compared to 3 link, 4 link, 5 link or IRS designs, the improvement in car control under power offsets any arguable merits of the other systems in a high powered rear drive vehicle that is without aid of high down-force aerodynamic devices. For this reason the same basic geometry is used on most Sprint Cars, Supermodifieds, Late Model Stock Cars, and other professional race cars around the world where rules allow.  
    TorqueArm geometry would be used in more forms of road racing were it not for rules restrictions in various organizations such as TransAm, and NASCAR, or where aerodynamic packaging is the priority of design as in Indy cars and Formula 1.   

    Griggs Racing was the innovator of TorqueArm design application to the Mustang in 1979, and has produced many versions and improvements since its inception.  Currently there is one basic off the shelf versions of Griggs Racing TorqueArms; Severe Duty. The severe Duty TorqueArm is intended for most applications; from street use on cars with stock engines and transmissions to cars with over 500 RWHP and sticky tires that are drag raced, brutally road raced, autocrossed, or similarly abused. The structure of the severe duty TorqueArm consists of the appropriate appendages for the model and axle used, attached securely to the severe Duty arm.

    These are not hard and fast rules and when in doubt you should contact us for specific recommendations for your application.  The Severe Duty TorqueArm is the most popular and Bruce Griggs races his AIX cars on the severe Duty TorqueArm and his cars exceed the power level described above and still win while being completely durable race after race. If absolute durability regardless of abuse is the priority, you should choose the Severe Duty unit which is the most popular or contact for a specific recommendation for your application.