Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cant Stand to Get Passed?

The first car I drove was a ¼ midget at Yeakle Brothers Oldsmobile in 1956. They were doing a sales promotion in their West Los Angeles sales lot using a hay-bale lined oval track so folks could bring their kids down for a free 10 lap session. I was around seven or eight, and my Dad dropped me into the cockpit of the little car and told me to drive around the outside of the track so I could get a longer ride. I did that until all the other kids started passing me on the inside of the corners, and I immediately turned hard left in pursuit of the shorter inside line. I could not stand being passed. Well over 40 years later I still can not stand being passed, and that is what fuels my passion for American muscle car performance, and a passion for perfecting that performance.

To me, perfection is extreme performance easily controlled. I raced a long time and spent innumerable hours figuring out how to make an engine deliver adequate power and live a long time. However, I soon learned that power alone did not win races. I had to be able to use that power, and that meant even more innumerable hours figuring out what made a good chassis work. Back then there were few books on the subject, most good cars were put together by accident if anyone knew how they were not talking. Much more information is available today, but none really solve the problems of what to do with a high-powered front engine car in all areas of competition while still providing a good ride. Applying my engineering education, and working full time in this pursuit, I did learn a lot; I was privileged to work as a consultant for world class teams, and I did win a few races of my own. Griggs Racing Products is the result of that life long pursuit.

Today it's never been easier or more cost effective to build a truly high performance car. This is especially true of Ford's Mustang, which while wonderfully affordable and blessed with a stout powertrain, is notorious as the most poor handling performance automobiles on the road. I have applied all of our energies at Griggs Racing to the Mustang's shortcomings, so that using parts from this catalog, you can easily transform your pony car into a world-class street and track performer while avoiding the dead ends and detours that are inevitable when developing such parts and packages yourself. At Griggs Racing Products we pride ourselves on making customers happy by delivering products that truly perform as advertised.

My partner and son, John Griggs, grew up in my high-speed environment, and developed the same desire for excellence. Today I am proud of his tenacity in trying to solve all our customers' needs. He heads a team of employees that are all dedicated to producing excellence in the American-built products delivered to you. I am proud of them too, and they all seek the same common goals, that is to make our customers call us after installation of a GR-40 chassis system with a story of how a car costing 3 to 10 times as much could not keep up with their Mustang. We have heard hundreds of such stories, and we never get tired of them because all of us at Griggs Racing Products can not stand to get passed.

R. Bruce Griggs
President and CEO