Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Are You Going To Do With Your Car

With so many Mustang parts on the market, choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Our own huge parts list is no exception, and to jump-start your GR40 parts decision process we need to ask you what your Mustang plan is.
Begin by answering the following questions.
  1. What is the ultimate goal of my car?
  2. Will my car remain street legal?
  3. Is my car an occasional-use toy or must I drive it everyday?
  4. How important is ride quality?
  5. Is my priority straight line or cornering performance?
  6. How much power will I end up with in the long run?
  7. Do I realize my demands on my Mustang's chassis will increase as I add power and traction?

We know it can be surprisingly difficult to answer these questions, but you've got to start thinking about what your goal for your car is.
Buying parts piece meal usually results in a hodgepodge of components that, acting together, don't address the inherent problems of the chassis for your particular application. We have developed systems and sub-systems to assist you in developing the chassis you not only want, but need, in a step by step method that keeps the car balanced and usable between steps, and precludes buying things twice.
The only way to achieve the Mustang of your dreams is through the proper selection of parts that compose a system that properly affects the car's handling characteristics for the specific use of the car. If you have not made a definite determination as to the usage of the car you will have a difficult time building it correctly the first time. We have broken this catalog down into sections that address the majority of applications. If you read the descriptions of the parts and systems thoroughly you should be able to make a determination that will save you a lot of time, money and grief. Starting with late model (1979-current Mustangs and 1983 to 1988 T Birds), which are all variations of the GR-40 Suspension Package, they are:
• Strictly Street or Daily Driver. Where safety in handling and wet weather is coupled with good ride as the primary parameter, along with a lowered look. The bonus in this GR40 combination is a Mustang capable of taking freeway onramps as well as some of the finest European sport sedans. If you want a strictly street toy–or what some call a “Sunday Driver”– a car capable of delivering high doses of horsepower to the ground, and performing incredibly on an offramp, you need to build to the Street/Autocross/Open track specification listed below. If you want a stoplight racer, build a Street/Strip car.
• Street/Strip, where the car is (streetable) usually driven daily but straight line launches and an occasional trip to the drag strip is called for.
• Street/Autocross/Opentrack. If you want to drive your Mustang to work still your primary interest is high performance handling, both in a parking lot around cones and on open road racecourses, this is for you. This car could also be called a “Canyon Runner.” Some call them “Porsche Hunters.” Generally the cornering speed capability is nearly double that of a stock Mustang chassis and cornering surpasses everything you come across.
• Drag Race only, for serious single purpose drag race cars. Weight savings is unsurpassed, and safety is immensely increased over any other system due to the improvement in high-speed stability and response.
• Road Race Only. If you are a serious wheel to wheel road racer, we have a full line of products to prepare your Mustang for a national championship.
• GR-350 Vintage Mustang. This section addresses 1964 through 1971 Mustangs prepared for serious open track use. If you own a high powered vintage Mustang and want to eliminate the white knuckle ride and add incredible world-class handling performance to your prize, this system is for you.