Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Video time!

Here at Griggs Racing we understand your need for speed and heroic handling to achieve victory in the realm of competition motorsports.We understand it because we enjoy that feeling as well, so much so that we ourselves regularly give rides in our own cars to share the joy we have. We guess you could say we like to give back to our brothers and sisters in speed. So to give a taste of how our fully engineered and tested parts preform in the real world we submit this video for your viewing pleasure. (we suggest that this run be watched in full screen with good head phones or speakers)
This vehicle is a convertible which is owned by John Griggs and has a full GR40 kit including SLA, torque arm and watts linkage not to mention a little more oomph from the motor. the road is a CLOSED COURSE WITH SAFETY CREW AND A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER at the Virgina city hill climb a couple of years ago for the Ferrari club. John won... in his convertible mustang... with all due respect Mr. Enzo.  

Disclaimer! Do not attempt on public roads, without safety equipment, and a properly set up car.